2015 NFL Week 10 Power Rankings: Panthers Maintain Winning Ways

Another week, and another undefeated team goes down. We are down to three and don’t be surprised if after this week we are down to two. Even though it would be an upset on paper, I don’t think too many people would be surprised if the Giants find a way to get past New England this week.

Speaking of upsets, the Eagles avoided an upset last week by beating Dallas in overtime and helping me go 2-1 in primetime picks, bringing my season record to 13-14. This week has some interesting matchups, but perhaps the toughest game to call is the Thursday night game between the Bills and the Jets. I’ve liked the Bills all year but the Jets have impressed me, so I will take them to win a close one at home.  On Sunday night, I’ll take Seattle over Arizona and I’ll make it a clean sweep for home teams as I will take the Bengals over the Texans on Monday night.


2015 NFL Week 9 Power Rankings: Broncos Dominate Both Sides of the Ball

We have reached the midway point in the NFL season and still have four teams that have yet to lose. In fact, based on the remaining schedule, it is possible that three teams could finish undefeated. The Broncos are the least likely to do it, seeing as they still have to face both New England and Cincinnati before the year ends.

The Packers have been in primetime three times this year and I’ve picked their game wrong on all three occasions. However, I was successful in the other two games last week, bringing my season record to 11-13.


2015 NFL Week 8 Power Rankings: Perfection Still Possible for Top 5

Only two undefeated teams played in Week 7, but both came away with close wins. That means as we head to Week 8, five teams still have unblemished records. However, the Packers and Broncos square off on Sunday Night football this week, so at most, only four will remain unbeaten. In fact, all three prime time games this week involved an undefeated team. Last week I went 2-1, to bring the season record to 9-12.

Let the record show that I desperately want to pick Miami over New England on Thursday night, but at some point I can’t continue betting on these huge underdogs. I’ve bet against Green Bay in both their primetime games thus far, so I will finally take them to win as they travel to Denver. And in the Monday nighter, I will take Carolina to remain unbeaten against the Colts.


2015 NFL Week 7 Power Rankings: Top 5 Remain Unbeaten

Another solid week of NFL games in Week 6, with two more going to overtime and eight games total being decided by one possession or less. Unfortunately it was another rough week in picks as my season record moves to 7-12. In Week 7 my upset pick will be the 49ers over the Seahawks on Thursday night. Then I will take the Panthers and Cardinals in the other two prime time games.

We are approaching the halfway point in the NFL and still five teams remain undefeated, and we are guaranteed to still have at least three after this week, as Green Bay, Denver and Cincinnati all have the week off.


2015 NFL Week 6 Power Rankings: Packers D looks Super

Week 5 had plenty of drama, as three games went to overtime, and another seven games were decided by one possession. It also was the return of Antonio Gates, and unfortunately the end of Jamaal Charles as he became the latest top talent to suffer a season ending ACL injury.

As for the rankings, the top seven remain unchanged and all six undefeated teams remain undefeated. The Bears and Giants climb seven spots apiece, more than any other team, while the Rams slip the most, dropping six spots.


2015 NFL Week 5 Power Rankings: Top 6 All Unbeaten

The NFL season has reached the end of the first quarter and six teams remain unbeaten. Speaking of unbeaten, I finally had an unbeaten week in my picks, going 3-0 to bring my season record to 5-8. This week I will take the Colts on Thursday night, provided Andrew Luck plays. If we have another Matt Hasselbeck sighting, I’ll take Houston. On Sunday night I will take the Giants over the 49ers and to cap off Week 5 I like the Chargers over the Steelers.


2015 NFL Week 4 Power Rankings: Top 5 Teams Take Care of Business

We are approaching the end of the first quarter of the NFL season and seven teams are currently undefeated, and the entire AFC South is 1-2.

It took until the third week of the regular season, but it looks like we finally got through a week of football without a major injury to a big name player. Oh wait, Ben Roethlisberger injured his knee and is likely out at least 4-6 weeks. Maybe Week 4, the first of the bye weeks, will be relatively injury free.


2015 NFL Week 3 Power Rankings: Patriots Maintain Top Spot

Another week of NFL football, and another long-term injury; this time to Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Romo will miss at least eight weeks, a similar time frame to Dez Bryant. Elsewhere, Packers running back Eddie Lacy left his game with an ankle injury but may be able to play in Week 3. The Seahawks haven’t really been dealing with injuries, but they have been dealing with a holdout of one of their best defensive players, but it appears that has come to an end this week. However, Kam Chancellor can’t be in very good football shape and one would think it will be a few weeks before he truly returns to form. (more…)

2015 NFL Week 2 Power Rankings: Rams, Bills Start Season Strong

The NFL season started off with a bang, with nine games being decided by one possession or less and more defensive and special teams touchdowns than I can count. Fantasy football was back in full swing and you have to wonder how many matchups were determined by a completely meaningless touchdown scored by Antonio Brown with two seconds left in the Steeler/Patriot game.


2015 NFL Preseason Rankings

The 2015 NFL season is finally upon us. What’s the biggest storyline as we head into the season? No it’s not that Tom Brady had his suspension reversed (I mean, we all want cheaters to prosper, right?). No it’s not that Tim Tebow is once again jobless. And no, it’s not the return of Adrian Peterson. The biggest storyline, in my eyes, is the anterior cruciate ligament; commonly referred to as the ACL. More than two dozen players have suffered season ending injuries due to a torn ACL. (more…)