2016 NFL Week 2 Power Rankings: Broncos Still Super

If you didn’t enjoy Week 1 of the NFL, you aren’t a football fan. In fact you might not even be American. Actually, you should probably question if you are even from this planet. Week 1 gave us everything we could ask for and more. We had four games decided by a single point, two others decided by two points, and one game went to overtime. When all was said and done, 11 of the 16 games were decided by a single possession.

Week 1 had multiple teams overcoming 18+ point deficits (one team then blew it anyway), it had a gutsy 2-point conversion for the win, it had the Patriots winning on the road, without Brady or Gronk, and unfortunately it had another injury to RGIII.

But, despite all the excitement of Week 1, my picks couldn’t have gone much worse. Thankfully the Steelers won, thus allowing me to go 1-3 for the week. Thankfully we have a brand new week ahead of us so let’s get to it. On Thursday night, I like the Jets to go on the road and win against the Bills.

Moving to Sunday night now, we have the Packers at the Vikings and if you recall last year, the Packers had six prime time games, and I correctly predicted the outcome just one time. Looking to reverse that trend this year, I’ll take Green Bay to hand the Vikings their first loss in their first game in the new stadium.

And finally on Monday night, I’ll take the home team Bears to upset the Eagles.

And with that, we’ll get to the rankings as we head into Week 2.

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  • Denver Broncos (1): No signs of a Super Bowl hangover after Week 1. If they can put up 21 or more points per week, they have a chance to repeat as champions with that superb defense.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (3): De’Angelo Williams should be used in the next Energizer battery commercial; he just keeps going and going and going. This team might be unstoppable on offense when they get Le’Veon Bell back.
  • New England Patriots (8): How many people lost their survivor league thanks to the Pats? Millions, I’m sure. Never bet against Bill Belicheck. Ever.
  • Green Bay Packers (5): Even though he only ran for a little over 60 yards, Eddie Lacy looked good. The pass defense will need some work but there is reason for optimism in Green Bay.

  • Seattle Seahawks (6): Prior to Week 1 there was some rumors that Beastmode was looking to come out of retirement. I expect those rumors to gain some traction after Seattle’s abysmal performance on offense on Sunday.
  • Minnesota Vikings (7): Well they say the best offense is a good defense, and that was never more evident than when Minnesota scored more defensive touchdowns (two) than offensive (none).
  • Arizona Cardinals (4): Not how the Cardinals had envisioned starting their season, but nonetheless they will still be a favorite come January.
  • Carolina Panthers (2): In Carolina’s last 26 meaningful games (playoffs and regular season), they are 0-2 against Denver, but 22-2 against the rest of the NFL.

  • Kansas City Chiefs (9): Should the Chiefs be more excited that they overcame a 24-3 deficit to win, or more concerned that they were down 24-3 to begin with. I’m not sure, but I think I’ll go with the former, especially because they did so without Jamaal Charles.
  • Cincinnati Bengals (10): It feels like no matter what the Bengals do on a week-to-week basis, there won’t be much to say about them until we reach January.
  • Oakland Raiders (11): The Raiders sent a message in Week 1, and that message is that they are not the Raiders of old. This team is ready to make some noise.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (16): Jameis Winston looked great in Week 1 and looks like he’s on a mission to prove he’s the best QB in the NFC South – which would be impressive as the South might boast the best QB talent of any division (Ryan, Newton, Brees).

  • New York Giants (14): Eli Manning has some weapons to play with. I really like this team’s potential but let’s see how they fare against a non-rookie QB.
  • Philadelphia Eagles (17): The Carson Wentz era couldn’t have gotten off to a much better start than it did. Look for his confidence to continue to grow as he faces a weak Chicago team in Week 2.
  • Dallas Cowboys (12): Dak Prescott played a clean game, but he’s going to have to do a better job of getting the ball to Dez Bryant.
  • Houston Texans (23): I believe the Texans could be the best team in the AFC if they had a top-tier quarterback. As it stands, they have Brock Osweiler and could still make a run if their defense plays up to their capability.

  • Los Angeles Rams (15): Not how the Los Angeles Rams wanted to begin their new reign in LA. Todd Gurley owners are praying they didn’t completely wreck their fantasy season by taking him with their first round pick.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (18): Heartbreaking loss for a team that is on the rise, but still plenty of reason for optimism. Their defense looks stout and Blake Bortles has weapons on the offensive side of things.
  • Indianapolis Colts (13): It may only be Week 1, but losing at home to Detroit, and blowing a lead with 30 seconds left are things the Colts need to be very concerned with.
  • New York Jets (19): Home losses always sting, but home losses by one point really sting. But the Jets should bounce back this week against divisional opponent, Buffalo.

  • Atlanta Falcons (21): Atlanta’s passing game looked great, but they’ve got to get more than 22 yards out of their leading rusher if they are going to be balanced.
  • Washington Redskins (20): Another team that couldn’t run the football. However, perhaps their defense, or lack thereof, is a bigger worry at this point.
  • Baltimore Ravens (28): Mike Wallace is going to get a lot of targets this year from Joe Flacco because quite honestly, they don’t have anyone else to throw it to. Although he did complete a pass to 10 different players, for whatever that’s worth.
  • San Francisco 49ers (29): Chip Kelly is off to a very good start with a very mediocre team. However, a 28-0 win against anyone is impressive. Let’s see how they do this week against the Panthers before we truly evaluate this team’s potential.

  • New Orleans Saints (24): Drew Brees single-handedly won virtually every fantasy matchup that his owners were in – but unfortunately came up one point short against the Raiders. Looks like the same old story in New Orleans; great offense, no defense.
  • Buffalo Bills (22): The Bills had 111 passing yards, and less than 70 rushing yards, against a mediocre Ravens defense. Not the start to the season the Ryan brothers were looking for.
  • Detroit Lions (30): Possibly the biggest surprise of Week 1 was the performance by the Lions. Only moving up three spots is truly a slap in the face; sorry Detroit. But let’s not forget, this is still the Lions (without Megatron, no less).
  • Chicago Bears (26): Believe it or not I actually think the Bears may have a very good offense this year, despite losing Forte. However their defense is not very good and when you play Aaron Rodgers and Adrian Peterson four times a year, that’s not a good recipe.

  • Tennessee Titans (25): Things looked great at halftime, leading 10-0 and then things just fell apart. I still think they are a year or two away from really being relevant.
  • Miami Dolphins (27): Miami sure gave Seattle a scare, but barely hitting 200 yards of total offense isn’t going to win you many games.
  • San Diego Chargers (31): The Chargers looked like they were going to make the AFC West a four team race. And then, they got outscored 23-3 in the fourth quarter and overtime and reminded us that they are still a mess. Oh and losing Keenan Allen for the season is an excruciating blow. Looks like they will be picking in the top 5 again next year.
  • Cleveland Browns (32): Just when you thought RGIII might become relevant again, he’s put on IR for at least eight weeks. Don’t feel too bad though, the Cavs won the NBA title and the Indians are a serious contender for the World Series.

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