2015 NFL Week 9 Power Rankings: Broncos Dominate Both Sides of the Ball

We have reached the midway point in the NFL season and still have four teams that have yet to lose. In fact, based on the remaining schedule, it is possible that three teams could finish undefeated. The Broncos are the least likely to do it, seeing as they still have to face both New England and Cincinnati before the year ends.

The Packers have been in primetime three times this year and I’ve picked their game wrong on all three occasions. However, I was successful in the other two games last week, bringing my season record to 11-13.

This week I like Cincinnati over Cleveland on Thursday Night. However the Sunday and Monday games are much more interesting. The Cowboys hung tough with Seattle but couldn’t find the end zone and that doesn’t bode well against the Eagles, so I will take Philly. The Chargers and Bears are both going nowhere fast, but I will take San Diego to come out on top in the Monday Night affair.

Injuries continue to ravage the NFL at what feels like an all-time high. Fantasy owners everywhere are sure putting in the time this year to find that diamond in the rough. Enough about injuries though, let’s take a look at the 2015 NFL Week 9 Power Rankings:

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  • New England Patriots (1): The Patriots win everything. No, seriously they do. New England has won the coin toss 19 of the last 25 times. The probability of that is less than three-quarters of one percent. I feel like an investigation is necessary.
  • Cincinnati Bengals (3): The Bengals held on against Pittsburgh to remain undefeated and appear as a lock to win the AFC North.
  • Denver Broncos (4): It took seven weeks but the Broncos finally showed that they should be considered as a legitimate Super Bowl threat.
  • Carolina Panthers (5): They sure tried to give their game away but in the end they remain as the only unbeaten team in the NFC. A win against Green Bay this week would give them a two game edge on everyone in the conference.


  • Green Bay Packers (2): For the first time, we truly saw the effect that losing Jordy Nelson has on this team. How will they fare this week against another top notch defense?
  • Arizona Cardinals (7): Arizona needed a second half comeback to beat the Browns but they got it done. They will finally be tested following their bye as they face the Seahawks and Bengals in back to back games.
  • Atlanta Falcons (6): After a hot start, the Falcons have lost a couple of division games and are starting to look more like a good team rather than a great one.
  • Minnesota Vikings (10): The Vikings continue to get wins and the breakout of Stefon Diggs is a big reason why.


  • Seattle Seahawks (12): Seattle was anything but impressive in their 13-12 victory over Dallas but it did get them back to .500 and a win against Arizona in their next game will put them right back in the conversation for the NFC West title.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (8): There’s no way around it; losing Le’Veon Bell for the season is going to be too much to overcome. The Steelers may still find a way to win a game in the playoffs but they simply can’t replace a guy like Bell.
  • New York Giants (9): If you lose when scoring 49 points, it should count as multiple losses.
  • St. Louis Rams (14): Not only has Todd Gurley wrapped up the Rookie of the Year award in just four games, if he continues on this pace (and the Rams keep winning) he’s going to garner some serious MVP votes too.


  • Philadelphia Eagles (13): A win Sunday night against Dallas would put the Eagles back at .500 and potentially into first place in the NFC East.
  • Oakland Raiders (17): I’m not sure the Raiders will catch Denver in the division, but this team is definitely a dark horse for the playoffs. They can beat anyone in a given week.
  • Buffalo Bills (15): Buffalo was a sexy pick for many from the beginning of the season but at 3-4 there really isn’t much going for this team right now.
  • New York Jets (11): After two straight losses the Jets are likely not going to contend with the Patriots for the division, but a fairly soft schedule does give New York a very good shot to be playing in January.


  • New Orleans Saints (20): Don’t look now but the Saints have won three straight to get back to .500 and the offense is finally clicking.
  • Indianapolis Colts (16): The Colts have lost three straight, yet maintain the top spot in the AFC South at 3-5. Andrew Luck led a frantic comeback but otherwise he continued to look lost in the Indy offense.
  • Chicago Bears (18): The Bears are 2-0 against the AFC West and 0-5 against everyone else. Lucky for them they face the Chargers in Week 9.
  • Kansas City Chiefs (23): Kansas City has rebounded from a terrible start to win two in a row but must face the undefeated Broncos this week. Despite the difference in records, I expect the Chiefs to keep this game very close.


  • Houston Texans (25): Believe it or not, the Texans are actually tied for first in their division. The loss of Arian Foster definitely hurts but you have to believe they have as good a shot as anyone to take the South.
  • Miami Dolphins (21): After two impressive performances under their new coach, the Dolphins laid a huge egg on Thursday against the Patriots.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (27): At 3-4 the Bucs are in last in the NFC South, but that would have been good enough for first place at this time last season.
  • Dallas Cowboys (22): Despite five straight losses, if Dallas can find a way to win this week, I believe they can get back to .500 before their Thanksgiving Day game against Carolina.


  • Cleveland Browns (24): Johnny Manziel has been named the starter again for Week 9, however it is their defense that needs a change; they are ranked 30th out of 32 in overall defense.
  • Washington Redskins (26): The Redskins have yet to win on the road this year, and this week they travel to New England. Needless to say I don’t like their chances this week.
  • San Diego Chargers (19): The Chargers have lost four straight despite the fact they are ranked #1 overall on offense with over 400 yards per game.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (28): Jacksonville is coming off a bye and face the Jets but don’t be surprised if they pull the upset.


  • Baltimore Ravens (32): It’s entirely possible that Ravens’ kicker Justin Tucker is the MVP of their team.
  • Tennessee Titans (30): The Titans fired Ken Whisenhunt halfway through just his second season. I guess the Tennessee front office has some very high expectations for a team with very little talent.
  • San Francisco 49ers (29): The Colin Kaepernick Era in San Francisco may very well be over. The problem for 49ers fans is that the Blaine Gabbert Era is upon us, and that doesn’t exactly fill anyone with confidence.
  • Detroit Lions (31): The Lions apparently do not enjoy playing abroad as they got absolutely dismantled by the Chiefs.

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