2015 NFL Week 8 Power Rankings: Perfection Still Possible for Top 5

Only two undefeated teams played in Week 7, but both came away with close wins. That means as we head to Week 8, five teams still have unblemished records. However, the Packers and Broncos square off on Sunday Night football this week, so at most, only four will remain unbeaten. In fact, all three prime time games this week involved an undefeated team. Last week I went 2-1, to bring the season record to 9-12.

Let the record show that I desperately want to pick Miami over New England on Thursday night, but at some point I can’t continue betting on these huge underdogs. I’ve bet against Green Bay in both their primetime games thus far, so I will finally take them to win as they travel to Denver. And in the Monday nighter, I will take Carolina to remain unbeaten against the Colts.

Green Bay at Denver is likely the game of the week but keep your eye on the Cincinnati at Pittsburgh game. If Big Ben returns, I like the Steelers’ chances of handing the Bengals their first loss of the season.

Without any further discussion, let’s dive into the 2015 NFL week 8 power rankings:

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  • New England Patriots (1): Tom Brady led the Patriots in rushing, and they still found a way to win. Can anybody beat this team?
  • Green Bay Packers (2): We know about their offense, but what isn’t being talked about is the fact they have the #1 ranked defense in terms of points per game.
  • Cincinnati Bengals (3): The Bengals are coming off their bye and despite not playing this week, are still fourth in the NFL in points scored. Oh, and being fifth in the league in points allowed isn’t too bad either.
  • Denver Broncos (4): Denver is allowing just 17 points per game thus far but they have to face a well-rested Packers offense that is scoring more than 27 per game.


  • Carolina Panthers (5): Carolina is going to give Green Bay a run for their money in the NFC. Their matchup in Week 9 could determine who finishes with the #1 seed.
  • Atlanta Falcons (7): It sure wasn’t pretty but they got the job done against Zach Mettenberger and the Titans in Week 7.
  • Arizona Cardinals (8): We may not know Arizona’s true identity until mid-November when they face Seattle and Cincinnati in back-to-back weeks.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (6): A very disappointing loss to the Chiefs but it looks like Big Ben may return this week and at 4-3, Pittsburgh more than weathered the storm while he was out.


  • New York Giants (10): The Giants are the only team above .500 in the NFC East and appear to be the current favorite but ask me again in five minutes and another team will likely be the favorite.
  • Minnesota Vikings (13): Don’t look now but the Vikings are 4-2 with some favorable matchups ahead. Not only do I like this team to make the playoffs, I like them to win their first round game.
  • New York Jets (9): The Jets had their chances on Sunday but despite coming up short, they showed that they can compete with New England, something that not many teams have showed this year.
  • Seattle Seahawks (15): They looked a lot more like themselves on Thursday night but that could have been due more to their opponent than anything else.


  • Philadelphia Eagles (12): The Eagles did not look good in Week 7 but they have four very winnable games coming up and should be no worse than 6-5 as they hit December.
  • St. Louis Rams (16): Todd Gurley is running absolutely wild. If the Rams can simply get one more playmaker on offense, they could be a legitimate contender for the next three or four years.
  • Buffalo Bills (11): The Bills started the season looking strong but suddenly their defense looks mediocre at best.
  • Indianapolis Colts (14): Is anyone else wondering if maybe we anointed Andrew Luck as the next great quarterback a little too soon?


  • Oakland Raiders (21): Does anyone really realize how close the Raiders are to leading their division right now? A heartbreaking loss to Chicago and a pick-6 against Denver away from being 5-1 and atop the AFC West.
  • Chicago Bears (18): Chicago is 0-4 against the NFC, but 2-0 against the AFC, for whatever that’s worth.
  • San Diego Chargers (17): I’m not sure anyone saw San Diego sitting in last in their division halfway through the season but that’s where they are now and things don’t appear to be getting better anytime soon.
  • New Orleans Saints (23): The Saints are slowly climbing back into relevance and have one of the easiest remaining schedules. If they take care of the teams they should beat, they will make the playoffs. The problem is, the Saints rarely seem to beat the teams they should.


  • Miami Dolphins (24): Back to back impressive offensive explosions for the Dolphins. At 3-3 they are back in contention and playing very good football.
  • Dallas Cowboys (19): We knew Dallas was in trouble when Romo went down but they’ve lost four straight and with games against Seattle and Philadelphia coming up, their season could be over by the time Romo returns.
  • Kansas City Chiefs (25): Kansas City desperately needed a win and they got it but it’s hard to see them winning more than one or two more the rest of the season.
  • Cleveland Browns (22): Different team, but same results. The Browns just simply don’t have enough talent to consistently beat good teams.


  • Houston Texans (20): Arian Foster showed why he’s still one of the best backs in the league but now that he is out for the season, I expect the Texans to be picking in the top 5 of next year’s draft.
  • Washington Redskins (29): I don’t care who you are or who you are playing, overcoming a 24-0 deficit to win is something to celebrate. Being just one game behind in the division is also celebration worthy, especially when you’re a team that wasn’t expected to win hardly any games all season.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (26): Doug Martin is quietly having a very impressive season running the football. But things like that get lost when you blow a 24 point lead.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (32): The Jaguars have actually resembled an NFL team the last three weeks. They still have a lot of work to do but give them credit for going out and playing hard.


  • San Francisco 49ers (27): Well if this season is any indication, Colin Kaepernick should perform well again right around Week 10.
  • Tennessee Titans (28): Tennessee hung tough with Atlanta but came up a little short behind Mettenberger. Regardless of who plays quarterback, the Titans lack playmaking at pretty much every other position.
  • Detroit Lions (31): Heads have started to roll in Detroit. If they don’t start turning things around, you have to wonder who else could be job searching.
  • Baltimore Ravens (30): I applaud Steve Smith for saying he wants to finish the season in Baltimore, rather than seek a trade and try to end his career with a contender. But you have to wonder if he might change his tune in another couple weeks. A player like him deserves a chance to go out on top.

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