2015 NFL Week 5 Power Rankings: Top 6 All Unbeaten

The NFL season has reached the end of the first quarter and six teams remain unbeaten. Speaking of unbeaten, I finally had an unbeaten week in my picks, going 3-0 to bring my season record to 5-8. This week I will take the Colts on Thursday night, provided Andrew Luck plays. If we have another Matt Hasselbeck sighting, I’ll take Houston. On Sunday night I will take the Giants over the 49ers and to cap off Week 5 I like the Chargers over the Steelers.

Without further ado, here are the 2015 NFL week 5 power rankings:

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  • New England Patriots (1): The Patriots are now well rested and look to continue their undefeated start as they face the Tony Romo and Dez Bryant-less Dallas Cowboys.
  • Green Bay Packers (2): The Packers struggled to protect Aaron Rodgers in Week 4 and need to correct that because it goes without saying that their season may be determined by the health of their quarterback.
  • Cincinnati Bengals (7): The Bengals continued their hot start and once again have people talking about if this is finally the year they become relevant in January.
  • Denver Broncos (5): Denver has gotten out to a nice lead in the division but I still don’t feel as if they are playing at an elite level.


  • Atlanta Falcons (8): The Falcons continue to surprise people after a very tough season last year. They are playing better on both sides of the ball than I think anyone expected.
  • Carolina Panthers (9): The Panthers and Falcons have eight combined wins after four weeks, which is more wins than any team had in the division a year ago. My question is, are the Panthers really this good?
  • Arizona Cardinals (4): Arizona came back down to earth a little in Week 4, but still have yet to play a team with a winning record.
  • Seattle Seahawks (13): Seattle is famous for the 12th man, but is it time to start talking about the 13th man?


  • Pittsburgh Steelers (3): The Steelers could be in danger of continuing to fall if Michael Vick can’t get the job done in Big Ben’s absence.
  • St. Louis Rams (18): The Rams have picked up wins against Seattle and Arizona but how will the fare in Lambeau Field?
  • Buffalo Bills (6): It’s always tough to win without a key player, it’s even harder when you’re missing both your best receiver and your best running back.
  • New York Jets (17): At 3-1, I find the Jets to be the biggest surprise of the season so far. However, it’s still early and I’m still not a believer.


  • Indianapolis Colts (12): It’s not often a team can win, and yet fall in the rankings, but that’s what happened for the Colts this week. With or without Andrew Luck, they just don’t look like a contender after four weeks.
  • San Diego Chargers (15): San Diego won a shootout with the Browns but despite their 2-2 start, I still think they may finish last in the division.
  • Minnesota Vikings (11): Minnesota hung tough with the Broncos but finished just short. They seem to be very good in many positions, but aren’t great at any position.
  • New York Giants (20): Are the Giants the best team in the NFC East? If Victor Cruz ever gets healthy, I say yes. And even if he doesn’t they still may be.


  • Dallas Cowboys (10): Dallas tumbles in the rankings and with a tough schedule coming up, they could find their season over before the midway point.
  • Kansas City Chiefs (14): After a brutal schedule to start, the Chiefs should have some potential wins ahead of them and still have time to get back on track to be the playoff team I still think they are.
  • Baltimore Ravens (19): The Ravens won in what was an absolute must win, but boy was it close. Despite the win, I don’t see this team finishing any better than .500 at best.
  • Philadelphia Eagles (16): The Eagles simply look bad in the first half of nearly all of their games and it’s costing them dearly.


  • Oakland Raiders (21): It’s probably been a while since Raider fans felt crushed after a loss, but after coming this close to starting 3-1, that had to be a tough loss to swallow.
  • Tennessee Titans (22): The Titans are coming off a bye this week and are going to go as far as Marcus Mariota can take them.
  • Washington Redskins (29): Washington is 2-2 but just don’t give off any type of vibe that they are going to be in the race in the long haul.
  • New Orleans Saints (32): You knew the Saints couldn’t be ranked dead last for too long. However, they have some major work to do if they want to make any noise in the NFC South.


  • Chicago Bears (31): The Bears eeked one out against the Raiders but I have to believe they will be in the running for a top 5 pick by the end of the season.
  • Cleveland Browns (26): There’s really only one question to be answered, and that is how much longer until Johnny Manziel is named the starter?
  • Houston Texans (25): Arian Foster returned in Week 4, if you want to call it that anyway. Houston is still well within reach in the division but they need Foster to be healthy and be himself moving forward if they have any hopes of being competitive.
  • San Francisco 49ers (28): The 49ers only gave up 17 to the Packers, which is quite a feat. Unfortunately Colin Kaepernick continues to take steps backward and at this point looks like a glorified version of Tim Tebow.


  • Miami Dolphins (24): Firing a head coach after just four games is generally not a sign that things are going well.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (30): The Jaguars have to be kicking themselves (no pun intended) for letting their Week 4 game get away against the Colts. Having two total wins by the first week of October is something they haven’t experienced in a very long time. But there’s always next year.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (27): Jameis Winston isn’t panning out yet but the Bucs did get the running game going and that is key if Winston is going to be successful.
  • Detroit Lions (23): Calvin Johnson looks like he is finally human and simply doesn’t look like a top 10 wide receiver anymore.

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